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Cultural Workshops


We provide clients with the opportunity to participate and in interactive cultural workshops to develop a wider understanding of the Wiradjuri culture. These workshops have included, art classes, dance classes, didgeridoo making and playing, singing, indigenous games and many more. We can tailor these classes to the audience, whether they are preschoolers or government departments, everyone who has been involved in these classes have developed a greater understanding of our culture. 

Artworks and Murals

Duncan and his family have developed outstanding artwork which has been showcased locally, nationally and internationally. They have exhibitions running throughout Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week. They have also provided murals and several artworks for schools, government departments and community events and displays.

Dance Performances

The Wiradjuri Echoes have been a prominent presence in the Canberra and surrounding communities, showcasing Wiradjuri Dances and also teaching dances as well. They have performed for the likes of the Prime Minster of Australia, Prince William and Princess Kate, the King and Queen of Sweden, more importantly though they have impressed the hardest of crowds - preschoolers. They perform for government departments, local and regional schools and have even shared culture as far as the UK via video conference.  

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